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Happy New Year You Lovely People!

It’s been over 3 years since the last time I’ve written here. Don’t know if that’s my longest stint without a site update, but it’s damn long.

Anyway, I’ve seen some friends starting up their blogs and working on their websites, and inspired me to return to the site I started tinkering with all the way back in 2004. Maybe over the next few days I’ll add some updates and share a few of the things I’ve been working on outside of Jersey Cowboy.

Good to be back! B)

NYCC 2012 Video

This will probably be my last convention video, as I want to start focusing on films…

New York Comic Con

Fell a little behind with some of the posts, but wanted to let everyone know I will be at NYCC today. If you see me, feel free to say hi. ^_^

FROM THE INTERNETS… “Brains and Steel”

A Star Wars Universe take on a classic film scene. Good stuff…

Otakon Video Project

At Otakon, a camera will be setup in the hallway right outside of the Manga Library. It will be recording the whole weekend. At the end of the weekend, I will bring the footage home and edit it together into a music video. All it needs are some stars. ^_^

If you are going to Otakon that weekend, and would like to be in the video, feel free to search my camera out and do whatever you want in front of it…

You can pose in front of the camera in cosplay, perform a sketch, make goofy faces, etc. I’m also going to post the song I’m using in the video, and if I can get people to do this, I would REALLY like to get some people who can lip sync it. 🙂

I don’t know how the final cut of the video will look as this will be the first time I’m trying this, but think this could be fun and hope you guys can help. If you’re at Otakon this year, I hope to see you there, and if you know anyone else going this year feel free to pass this onto them incase they’re interested. ^_^

48 Hour Film Festival

I recently teamed up with Ripple Productions for the 48 Hour Film Festival. The film we entered is called “Collide” and will have it’s premiere this Friday in NYC at the Cantor Film Center. Here is a trailer of the film…


Unfortunately I will be unable to make it to the premiere due to previous commitments with AnimeNEXT. However, for those who do get to see it I hope you enjoy. ^_^

Jersey Cowboy Redux

Not 100% sure that I’m using the word “redux” right, but I’m trying to restore back to a fully functional website…so I think I’m close. Also, the word sounds cool…

So what exactly am I doing to restore


-I gave into the evil that is called WordPress, and installed it onto the site. I’m really not fond of it, but it is the most popular and free so I signed my soul over to it and using it for faster site updates.

-I’m taking a lead from the good people of Royal Nerd ( and transforming to more of a blog style site. They’re a group I discovered awhile back, and like me they make videos…but one thing I really admire is they’re consistently updating that site with reviews, thoughts, trips, and just random fun stuff to stay active (hmmm…consistent updates…who would have thought that would work 🙂 ).

So inspired by them, I’m trying to do the same.

When will these updates start taking effect?

With WP installed and the template in place, I’m good to go. As soon as I have something I want to share…whether it’s a blog, a new video, or just something random…I will post it here. ^_^